Kickball Rules



1. Accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility.

2. Be on time, be prepared by warming up and ready to play at game time.

3. Show respect for opponents at all times.

4. Respect contest officials as impartial decision makers and contest managers. Accept decisions despite the impact on the contest. Control emotions.

5. Understand the rules of the game. Understand that the rules are intended to provide safe control of a contest.

6. Accept victories or losses with self-control, poise and dignity.

7. Treat opponents as you would wish to be treated.

8. Refrain from harassment, taunting or degrading commentary about opponents, officials or teammates.

9. Avoid disrespectful language or conduct, trash talk or profanity.

10. Demonstrate respect for officials opinions and judgments at all times.

11. Alcohol if park regulations allow, can only be consumed in the dugout or in the spectator area. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the field. 


Kickballs will be provided for play. They will be the USA WAKA 10" red ball. You must use the designated Diablos OutSports Kickball provided no other ball will be allowed for play. 


Pitching and Catching




Balls Four (4) balls results in a walk. A ball is:


A foul is:

Play Ends (Dead ball)

Base Running

All calls, except those specifically reserved to others, are at the umpires sole discretion.  Any activity or circumstance not covered by these rules are deferred to the umpires or the kickball director at the time.